To be grateful for what is a personal path to freedom

It is with a deep sense of satisfaction that we welcome you to your next year with the latest edition of the “Gratitude Diary and Daily Planner”.

To be Grateful for “what is” has been a personal path to freedom.  When we stop to allow and fully accept the reality of this current moment – NOW – a calmness and centeredness is revealed and available to us.  With this diary, we are hoping for you also, to find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever increasing pace.

Take a moment each day to breathe and ask yourself the following questions…  What is it that you are currently grateful for?  What is good? What is working and what is valuable?

In your daily planner you will notice a space at the beginning of each day to journal these thoughts.  You will be amazed at how this very simple practice and commitment will expand for you what is good and what is true!

There is an old saying “where your attention goes, Energy flows”.  It takes just 5 minutes and the positive effects will last a lifetime…Your lifetime.

We wish you an abundant and evolutionary year and would love to hear about your experiences and miracles you will inevitably encounter.

With Gratitude,
Melanie Spears, Creator and Justine Page, Your New Zealand connection

What is it that you are currently grateful for?
What is working?
What is good and what is valuable?


Thank you for your interest in the “Gratitude Diary “.
This is not just an ordinary Diary. It is a tool for transformation and growth.

You will see on each page an opportunity to journey through your thoughts of gratitude and love. Based on the ancient laws of the Quantum field, if you, as your own creator, form an emotional connection with all that is desired, and give thanks for this future outcome, you are consciously and in a positive way manipulating your future.

This has to be THE most exciting practice available to all beings at this time. No therapy, guru, doctor or meditation will create such profound results.

I have also included a weekly moon chart and astrological guide which will support you in becoming more attuned to the Greater Feminine, the planet, and her rhythms. We already have an abundance of supportive and nuturing energies available to mankind. Tuning in to the greater will support your own connection to self and others.

The process is gentle, simple… and yet profound. Just notice.

It takes only one minute to give thanks, say hello to the moon, and change your state of being.


To restore the balance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet through the empowerment of the feminine and love of the masculine


Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears has worked in the public health system for 13 years as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation nurse, and finally a Mental Heath Crisis Intervention worker. In 2002 she made a conscious choice to leave the “sickness industry” forever, in search of a deeper and more holistic understanding of health, life, wealth, love and balance.

1. All her teachings had come from a masculine orientation.

Which led to the second insight:

2. Sustainability – Yes we can indeed create wealth, but at what cost? The environment, health, balance, exhaustion…

Now that housing has trippled its value in the last 6 years, how will people afford to live? What will be the impact on society now that the majority cannot afford their own home?

Leading to the final question:

3. Where is the grace? The surrender? Where is the magic? Where is the feminine? Where is the love?

This question is still being asked, and Melanie has dedicated her life to its and her unfolding. She invites you also to jump off the wheel of money and time, and into a mystery that is far more sustaining, nurturing and abundant than ever before, and yet always was…

“Melanie Spears chooses to move in the world as a real woman, restoring balance by honouring the feminine within herself, thus bringing her joy and wisdom to those around her in all she does. She is passionate about working with the feeling and emotional aspect of our beings, bringing together the “Gratitude Diary” as a wonderful gift to work with the natural lunar cycles in harmony and balance in our lives.”- Editorial for “Women of the 21 st Century”